AHL Students Attend WPA in Long Beach, CA & CPA in Victoria, BC

Rachelle Yu, the AHL’s senior research assistant and lab coordinator, attended the 96th annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association in Long Beach, California in April. She presented a poster on attachment, affect dysregulation and ODD/depressive symptoms in a sample of high-risk youth. To see the program for WPA 2016, click here.


Tania Bartolo, a Ph.D. candidate, and Negina Khalil, a junior RA, attended the 76th annual Canadian Psychological Association convention in Victoria, BC in June. Tania presented a poster on adolescent and parent perspectives of a hospital-based clinic specializing in gender diversity. Negina’s poster hypothesized that participants who were asked to recall a pro-environmental behavior (PEB) before completing a questionnaire would report higher levels of positive affect and lower levels of negative affect compared to the control condition, in which participants first completed the questionnaire then recalled a PEB. Her findings suggest that engaging in PEBs can have a causal affect on well-being, at least in terms of reduced negative affect. To view all presented posters, please click on the Research tab at the top of the page. To see the program for CPA 2016, please click here.