Dr. Patti Ranahan will be presenting at the Quebec Committee for Youth with Behavioural Difficulties (CQJDC) Conference in April 2018

Dr. Patti Ranahan will be presenting at the 7th Biennial Conference of the Quebec Committee for Youth with Behavioural Difficulties (CQJDC) this upcoming April, 2018. Please see below for the presentation abstract:

Ranahan, Patti, Concordia University, Canada
N. Auclair, A. Polisois-Keating , M. Moretti

Enhancing attachment security in parent-youth relationships: The Connect Parent Group©

Short summary/abstract:
“Insecure attachment is linked to affective, behavioural, and social difficulties (Kamkar et al., 2012; Mikulincer & Shaver, 2012). Theoretically informed interventions designed to improve attachment security in parent-youth relationships are shown to reduce risk for suicide, decrease problem behaviours, and increase parental efficacy (Diamond et al., 2010; Moretti et al., 2012). Connect is a manualized 10-week program for parents of pre-teens/adolescents who are struggling with behavioural and mental health issues (Moretti & Obsuth, 2009). Experiential/reflective exercises are used to teach attachment principles that support parents’ understanding of their child’s attachment needs. Certified leaders from the Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal provided Connect to two groups of Francophone parents. Parents/youth completed interviews and audio diaries during the program. Analysis identified facilitators that supported attachment security enhancement, and transformative turning points. ”

For more details about the conference, please visit the conference website