Adolescence is a time of change…

It is a remarkable developmental period in which children are transformed neurobiologically, cognitively and interpersonally as they prepare for adult roles and relationships. The confluence of these diverse changes makes adolescence a “sensitive” developmental period, where vulnerability increases but opportunities for growth are also heightened. In our lab we are interested in factors that increase risk and provide protection during pre-adolescence and adolescent development. Our work integrates research on both normative and atypical developmental trajectories with the goal of understanding how we can support healthy development and intervene during critical transitions to reduce risk. Over the past decade we have focused on understanding risk and protective factors among adolescent girls and boys at high risk for violence and victimization. Our eight-year longitudinal study with these teens has produced important findings on the complexity of their mental health needs, the social contexts that place them at risk and the personal and relational factors that buffer them from adversity. We are strongly committed to knowledge translation, and the development of evidence based interventions to prevent and reduce risk. Together with community partners in mental health and education, we have developed, delivered and evaluated programs that provide important benefits to youth and their families and cost saving measures to society.
Research & Current Projects
Connect Attachment Programs
Connect is now available in Spanish and Mandarin
Connect and eConnect Online are now available in Spanish and Mandarin! Contact to learn more.
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The Society for Emotions and Attachment Studies (SEAS) to host a virtual mini-conference on father-child attachment! June 24th & 25th, 2021
SEAS and the Special Interest Research Group on Father-Child Attachment and Relationships (SIRG-FCAR) are thrilled to host a virtual mini-conference on father-child attachment. The event...
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New video testimonials from parents completing the Connect Program are now available!
Click here or on the image below to view video testimonials from parents who have completed the Connect Program through KVC Kansas. We are extremely...
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UPDATE: CIHR Operating Grant: COVID-19 Mental Health & Substance Use Service Needs and Delivery
Our project "Reducing Risk and Promoting Health Among Vulnerable Teens and their Families in the Context of COVID-19: A Multisite National and International Implementation and...
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How can Connect help parents during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Thank you to everyone who attended our eConnect Online Facilitator Training
We would like to thank everyone who was involved with our 6 half-day virtual facilitator training for eConnect online! We had an incredibly engaged group...
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